Cloud LaTeX・アカリク同時登録

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株式会社アカリクはCloud LaTeXを運営するほか、大学院生(修士/博士)・ポスドクや理系学生に特化した就職支援サービス「アカリク」を提供しています。


※アカリク登録完了後、設定したメールアドレス・パスワードでCloud LaTeXにログインできます

Cloud LaTeX and Acaric Co-Registration

In addition to operating Cloud LaTeX, Acaric Co., Ltd. provides "Acaric", an employment support service specialized for graduate students (master's/doctoral degree), postdoctoral, and science students.

"Acaric" also provides useful job information and career event information for LaTeX users, so we recommend "Co-Register" to use both services in a single procedure.

*Please note that "Acaric" is displayed only in Japanese.

*You will be redirected to the Acaric registration page.
*After completing the registration, you can login to Cloud LaTeX with your email address and password.